Who Sang Overwhelming Shapes? Evaline

Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-27
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 5:31
I'm aged
Looking out of the box
Armed, enraged that all you won't believe in
I'm arranging over, overwhelmed
Looking out of the box
Armed in paint and armed with brushes
Stroked with grace and overwhelming shapes
Come out of the box

This home is where you made it darling
The curve in all your family darling
Minuets have formed a nasty crease
Chatter, chatter all insanity darling

I am finding there's no use for friends
I am finding I'm no use for them
I'm either in front of these screens or writing these
Oh it's trivial
I am finding there's no useful friends
I am finding I'm drunker then all of them
In my sober state of love in parlay woven materials
Woven materials, woven material

On his hands you smell another's darling
Now you're not leaking there from underneath
Her little scalp is on the pavement darling
You're always naked
You're always naked
No matter how much you wear
You are always naked
Always naked

So f___ all your clothes
The orphan sells his arm
The orphan sells his arms
The orphan sells his army to the Calgary farm

If I invest in nails, well will you negate this hell?
If I invest in ale
Well I begin to crawling on the bad noose?

Well I began to

Refine degrees in all your liberties, they never come
With stems they reach to rip the boat a crown, your flesh
And hold your faith cause you will smothered sheets so let
it go
And leave a lift cause through their leprosy there will be
There will be doubt, there will be doubt
You're naked with me so we must have our fun, we'll have

We'll love, let love be our child
Love, let love be our child
Love, let love be our child
Love, let love be our child

If you take away my sunshine
Will you glow all through the night
With all of your big gem eyes
My brail among the moonlit sea
If you will be my rain cloud
To you I'll be your little seed
Bloom for you some cherry trees
Two in which we both agree

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