Who Sang Oblivion? EvenSong

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length: 5:01
Say, oh, say my faithful seraph
where to find some peace
my languid heart is so heavy
and my whisper can't break through the still
Sundown brings no sleep
and in my eyes sets no morning
that's all I'm asking for
the poisoned gift of gods
The silken meadows rock so softly
while my soul is a monolith
I can't feel the cool zephyr
and it's perfume dazes me not

  • 1 Path of the Angels
  • 2 Serpent
  • 3 The Fall of Archaic Heaven
  • 4 Where the Devil Slumbers
  • 5 World Within
  • 6 Evensong
  • 7 Oblivion
  • 8 Requiem for a Songless Bird