Who Sang Serpent? EvenSong

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length: 5:02
A serpent slumbers in the garden of innocence
hidden from cherubs' glowing eyes
Father of l***, sentinel of knowledge
who saw the angels learning to fly
"I show you a world of dreams and desires
a sweet asylum beyond the clouds
Travel me through sunken empires
to the home of joy and equilibrium
While the gods were fighting for the soul of Man
I regained lost paradise
So drop the burden of millenniums
and follow me my dearest child"

  • 1 Path of the Angels
  • 2 Serpent
  • 3 The Fall of Archaic Heaven
  • 4 Where the Devil Slumbers
  • 5 World Within
  • 6 Evensong
  • 7 Oblivion
  • 8 Requiem for a Songless Bird

  • Release information
    script: Latin