Who Sang Anxiety? Expire

Expire Pendulum Swings cover art
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Release Date: 2012-5-22
Brain melt
Note to self
Do you remember just how it felt?
Bit your tongue and you just dealt
Until it all boils over
That was your first mistake
Need I remind you
what got us here in the first place?
Won't let me go
So am I crazy?
Well, I don't know
I can't think straight
Anxiety gets the best of me
I take it all on the chin
Trying to figure out where the f*** it all went
Looking up from my back again

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Just Fine
  • 2 Reputation
  • 3 Spit Out
  • 4 Dig Deep
  • 5 Anxiety
  • 6 Abyss
  • 7 Bark
  • 8 Sleep Lost
  • 9 Pills
  • 10 YDN
  • 11 Focus
  • 12 Pendulum Swings