Who Sang Reputation? Expire

Expire Pendulum Swings cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-5-22
Approach me with hesitation
Heard about my reputation
Lord knows I've tried to change
But fear it's much too late
There are things I could try to say
To try and sway you either way
But I just ran out of time
and the window's closed to change your mind
Can't help what i say
Can't help what I do
So much about me I wish you never knew
You got it all figured out
You keep me at arm's length
The blood's already on my hands
No changing what you think

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Just Fine
  • 2 Reputation
  • 3 Spit Out
  • 4 Dig Deep
  • 5 Anxiety
  • 6 Abyss
  • 7 Bark
  • 8 Sleep Lost
  • 9 Pills
  • 10 YDN
  • 11 Focus
  • 12 Pendulum Swings