Who Sang How Do You Sleep?? EZ3kiel

EZ3kiel Handle with Care cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-3
length: 4:54
producer: Fred Norguet
membranophone: Matthieu Fays
bass: Yann Nguema
guitar: Joan Guillon
assistant engineer: Jean-Yves Gachon
mixer: Fred Norguet
recording engineer: Fred Norguet
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So, you don't like it when we talk the truth
You don't like it when we wake up the youth
So you want us to keep it quiet
'Cause you wanna keep treating them like fools
Using them like tools
But let me tell you
We won't abandon our souls, nor sell it for your down appearance
'Cause more than money we're seeking for wisdom
Trying, trying to bound freedom
Hey, there is no insanity nursing in our bosom
Still you wanna treat us like hot-dogs

You're lying, you're cheating, you're killing
But we're still standing, shouting, protesting, resisting
Fighting for our yearnings
Tools and fire we are spitting
While your lies and propaganda keep spreading
Our mothers are crying in (?) because your police and your son just keep killing
Mothers always crying and you never seem to hear them
You say there is peace while the bombings go (?)
You say there is welfare while my people keep starving
You say there is love when there is only hatred growing
But let me tell you, all :
We won't sell nor abandon our souls for your dog bills
Here we are standing to speak the truth, wake the youth and make them resist through (?)
'Cause you've been lying to them much too long
And now you keep spreading your lies and propanganda while you're talking for the truth, while you're shouting for the truth
How are you treating us now ?
This is the way you are keeping us under under under some human bondage all along the time
And you know we won't take it no more
'Cause today we are Sunday
You could send them, tell them
Still, we're gonna resist
And I know you don't like it when we talk the truth
I know you don't like it when we're trying to wake up the youth
You say there is peace when blood keeps flowing
You say there it's welfare while people stop starving
You say there is love when hatred keeps growing
You say it's secured when fire keeps burning
Now, tell me Mr. President, how do you sleep at night ?
Yes, tell me Mr. President, how do you sleep at night ?
You don't like it when I tell the truth
You don't like it when I wake up the youth

CD 1
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  • 2 Strange Days
  • 3 How Do You Sleep?
  • 4 Handle With Care
  • 5 Preface
  • 6 Jah's Hardcore
  • 7 Afghan Evasion
  • 8 Cut Fiction
  • 9 Sur le fil
  • 10 1 hausse d'intensit√©
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  • 13 Salystoar / Handle With Care (Dub)

  • Release information
    label: Jarring Effects
    country(area): France
    format: CD
    barcode: 5413356786729
    script: Latin