Who Sang Stiffback? Fair to Midland

Fair to Midland The Carbon Copy Silver Lining cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Art Rock
length: 3:38

Tell the world how i'll miss it's small atmosphere,
And wonder how it will evolve,
How it rose and it broke won't be trivial,
Stay on your feet in your hole.

Mr. four eyes
Please remember
We still hold you dear
Mr. young man
Blonde haired stranger
What seperates brings us closer.

Let us announce that it's dark on the holidays,
And the morphine blurts out little chunks,
Don't let us know if your skin starts to turn too cold,
One nap and then...

Mr. verteran
Please remember
I tried to revive your breathe
Mrs. undone
What is upstairs?
Steps but no banister.

Salts deprived from the eyes,
Without patience and a foothold to grip,
I'll be the next in line.
Have a rope,
But nonetheless,
If it's burning while i'm rising,
It could only be the second best.

So if there is not but a last thing we're adding on,
It's seems neglected with rods,
I think i'll stay up,
For i'd swear i just heard your voice,
Maybe it's just something in the air.

Carry on
Carry on

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