Who Sang Ashes? Faith and Fire

Faith and Fire Accelerator cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-9-26
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 6:07
I see you all - from the street where I lay,
shot through with a roaring thunder-
still it sounds far away.
Heart pale as the moon, body thin as the wind,
remove me, the dust on your windowpane.
What is my name but a sign on a wall?
No time for fear or anger, no answer when I call.
I rise like smoke to the sun, erase the light like a cloud.
Disturb me, the ash beneath your feet.
Now tomorrow's too late for me
In the 9th moon of the year.
Set a course to a blinding sun with sails afire.
If I asked you to wait for me, the wind is all you'd hear.
I am nowhere and everywhere and I wait for ever.
I heard it all, while the Summer turned to Fall.
Heard you cry out in blind confusion
at the foot of the castle wall.
I reach for your hand through the fire
while silence explodes into light,
cold as the stones beneath your feet.

CD 1
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