Who Sang She Waits by the Well? Faith and the Muse

Faith and the Muse :ankoku butoh: cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-27
length: 4:25
writer: Monica Richards
I've been carrying this
Like my heart's in a fist
And its grip is tightening
The lantern whispers then flickers out
I wait in the wind
And the storm is rising

Heart that pounds the dreamer"s night,
The monsters of love"s afterlife
The brazen hills of desperate heights of
How not where to bring your glance
Sideways soft in silent hands

You Belong to Me
Though you let me go
You'll Always Belong to Me

Now you're older, you're still unchanged
And I through the years just a ruined memory
The patient slighted character
Such a tiny voice now my thunder's menacing

My dreams wrap tightly around your neck,
The boney snaps of breaking wings,
Lotus flowers, careful step, creeping, ivy"s patient web,
Creeps the ivy higher still

You Belong to Me
Though you let me go
You'll Always Belong to Me

Enough to choke, too much to stifle
I will ring the temple bell
The Yurei at the river bank
No longer silent as the grave

Walking past my house is futile
I pull you down my winding wilderness -
Running then falling then drowning -
Until you've been properly frightened.
Like paying respects or a debt you always owe.
A t__he perhaps.

You'll Belong to Me
You'll Belong to Me
Let the waters rise, let the fires burn
You Belong to Me
Let the gale winds blow, let the mountains fall
You Belong to Me
Running then falling then drowning -
You Belong to Me

CD 1
  • 1 The Woman of the Snow
  • 2 Kamimukae
  • 3 Blessed
  • 4 Battle Hymn
  • 5 Bushido
  • 6 Nine Dragons
  • 7 Harai
  • 8 When We Go Dark
  • 9 The Red Crown
  • 10 Kodama
  • 11 She Waits by the Well
  • 12 Sovereign
  • 13 To Be Continued
    DVD-Video 2
  • 1 Battle Hymn
  • 2 Blessed
  • 3 Faith And The Muse Interview
  • 4 Scars Flown Proud
  • 5 The Silver Circle
  • 6 Bait & Switch / Sredni Vashtar
  • 7 Relic Song
  • 8 Shattered In Aspect
  • 9 Paul Mercer - Solo
  • 10 The Burning Season
  • 11 The Trauma Coil
  • 12 All Lovers Lost / Arianrhod
  • 13 Fade And Remain
  • 14 Sparks
  • 15 Cantus
  • 16 Sparks
  • 17 Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
  • 18 The Burning Season
  • 19 Into My Own
  • 20 Anafae