Who Sang Sovereign? Faith and the Muse

Faith and the Muse :ankoku butoh: cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-11-27
length: 4:26
writer: William Faith
Between the world and the one inside
The truth you speak and the one you hide
Some stolen moments and a struggle within

Behind the pain and the sacrifice
Behind the mask and the grey disguise
How many angels dancing on the head of a pin?

There's a meeting at the midnight hour
Come alive and seize your power
Giving sight to the blind
We are one of a kind
So welcome here

In the presence of a moment divine
As the shadows gather at the shrine
We retreat and advance
In the spell of the dance
Familiars all

Before the mirror but behind the veil
Within the box but beyond the pale
The narrow margin peering down into the abyss

Believe in you and the flame within
Your real face, your second skin
Your soul immortal, radiant and given to bliss

Come out, come out wherever you hide
Time to stand and walk with pride
There's a look in your eye
I could never deny
And it means the world

Caught within a second sublime
Like the nail through the hands of time
There's a tale told bizarre
That's behind every scar
And I'm yours, all ears

Your flashing eyes
Lay bare your soul
For all to see

Your beating heart
In time with mine
There's only you and me

Because we now have the eyes to see
That we are sovereign, true and free
Free to play our future like the beat of a drum

Because we now hold our heads up high
Because their judgment we decry
Brothers and sisters
Thy kingdom come

CD 1
  • 1 The Woman of the Snow
  • 2 Kamimukae
  • 3 Blessed
  • 4 Battle Hymn
  • 5 Bushido
  • 6 Nine Dragons
  • 7 Harai
  • 8 When We Go Dark
  • 9 The Red Crown
  • 10 Kodama
  • 11 She Waits by the Well
  • 12 Sovereign
  • 13 To Be Continued
    DVD-Video 2
  • 1 Battle Hymn
  • 2 Blessed
  • 3 Faith And The Muse Interview
  • 4 Scars Flown Proud
  • 5 The Silver Circle
  • 6 Bait & Switch / Sredni Vashtar
  • 7 Relic Song
  • 8 Shattered In Aspect
  • 9 Paul Mercer - Solo
  • 10 The Burning Season
  • 11 The Trauma Coil
  • 12 All Lovers Lost / Arianrhod
  • 13 Fade And Remain
  • 14 Sparks
  • 15 Cantus
  • 16 Sparks
  • 17 Annwyn, Beneath The Waves
  • 18 The Burning Season
  • 19 Into My Own
  • 20 Anafae