Who Sang Broken Nose? Family

Family Bandstand cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1972
Genre: Rock
Style: Blues Rock/Hard Rock/Prog Rock
length: 4:10
I seen her everyday now
And boy has she got class
She got diamonds on her fingers
And rhythm in her a__
I've tried to call her over
But I must be made of glass
Cos' she just looks right through me
Keeps walking straight on past
Walkin' straight on...
I like your...
Dig your...
Oh the day...

Eats in fancy places
Where the cover would pay my rent
Steaks on silver platters
And water costs 50 pence
Tips up all the waiters
And five will get you ten

Still I'm waitin' in the lobby
She won't even invite me in
Won't even invite me...

I like your kind of address
Dig your style of clothes
The day I stopped loving you
Was the day you broke my nose


When she goes to the theatre
It's always the latest show
While I'll wait in some poolroom
That's just across the road
One time she saw me waiting
And come across the spoke
She said 'adieu' and grabbed my cue
And shoved it down my throat

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