Who Sang The Jitterbug Waltz? Fats Waller

Release information
Writer(s): Maxine Manners, Fats Waller, Charles R Grean
Release Date: 2005
length: 3:22
The night is getting on, the band is getting show
The crowd is almost gone and here we are still dancin'
Nothing to do but waltz
Our feet can barely move, my legs are yellin'"Whoa"
But we're in such a groove that love is still advancin'
Nothing to do but waltz
You can't suggest that we could go on Jitterbuggin'
We've nothing left for moves more strenuous than huggin'
But we don't need much room to gently cut a rug in we two

I'm tired and out of juice and yet from head to toe
My body's feeling loose and warm and kind of supple
Nothing to do but waltz
The minutes slip away, my arms just won't let go
I think I'd like to stay 'til we're the only couple
Nothing to do but waltz
You never know how far this sort of thing will get you
We're not as tired as we would like to think, I bet you
You'd stay up half the night with me if I would let you
So come let the waltz play again

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