Who Sang California Daze? Fay Lovsky

Release information
Release Date: 1983
length: 4:50

Cotton clouds are brushing by my window
On my way down, down, a golden gate, stars below me
Down, down, shiver night over sugartown
Birthday cake for angels, a golden state of danger
Pacificate my heart

New wave surfers test the tide, the ocean's like a mirror
Tootsky rolls erase their lines (takes their lines)
A crystal day gets clearer, melting down magnetic tape
A magical pied piper, finds me where I'm hiding
Mollifies my mind made up like Jojo, to leave home and to go and be
In California, come to California, in California, come to California
In California, pacificate my heart

Sunshine brothers by the pool, rolling marihuana
38's and golden rule, a fortified nirvana
Tinsel gold (tinsel) on a faded screen (tinsel)
Credit on illusion, edit my confusion
Medicate my mind made up like Monroe
To starspangle (sparspangle -
Join hands with Tinker Bell
And fly)

Pacification's over me, (Dreaming of tomorrow)
I'm floating topsy turvy, (Being here today) In a blue sky haze
California daze (California daze)

Pacification's over me (Pacification)
(Dreaming of tomorrow), I'm floating topsy turvy
(Being here today) In a blue sky haze
California daze (California daze)
California daze (California daze)

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