Who Sang Disney Dust? Fay Lovsky

Release information
Release Date: 1983
length: 2:06

And if it doesn't rain, I won't wait for you, no-no
I don't wanna stay, home and ache for you, no-no
I'll be in, the radarroom
You light the screen in the gloom
Taking off, clearance for the moon
Fly away, my love
In a milky way of Disney dust, oho
I see turblulence and storms
Get you on a collision course
Come down to me, down to me

Take me away, lift me up
Give me wings of love

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Ramon
  • 2 Window Across the Street
  • 3 Disney Dust
  • 4 Columbus Avenue
  • 5 Sugar Me Sam
  • 6 Palmtree Luxury
  • 7 California Daze
  • 8 Don't Feed the Animals
  • 9 Never (Seem Able to Say Goodbye)
  • 10 Fuss & Fight
  • 11 Walk Don't Walk
  • 12 One More Time
  • 13 Christmas Was a Friend of Mine