Who Sang Ramon? Fay Lovsky

Release information
Release Date: 1983
length: 3:09
Ramon, you're so romantic, ramon, that's not like you
Are you Don Juan? No, cut out those antics
Before long you'll lose your cool, ramon, this macho man tic
Before long (before long) I'll be coocoo (I'll be coocoo)
Ramon, remember, december doesn't rhyme with moon
(I don't know you this way)
What's more, your roses, are closing to keep out your perfume

Ramon, you're putting on Navarro
You know, it just don't ring true (hey you know it just don't ring true)
Are you on or off the straight and narrow
Coocoo Cupid's arrow's not for you
(Coocoo Cupid's arrow's not for you)

You're giving me everything I wanted
But everything's a little bit too much
You're gonna find my greed running rampant
Oh-oh oh Oh! You'd better stop!
Ramon, do you remember?
(Slicked back jet black Presley coup)
When I first met you, honey you were cool
(Souped up coupe de ville), what are what are what are you up to?)
(Rock 'n' Roll sympatico), before long I'll be coocoo
(Oh I know I will)
(Let me tell you 'bout the moon)
The moon is a giant (is a giant pacman snapper) pacman snapper
(Eating all the stars away) Eating all the stars away
(Ramon) You're gonna find (find a high enough ladder) a high enough ladder, (steal 'em all away)
To steal 'em all down for me

Ramon you are outdated, (Slicked back jet black Presley coup)
Ramon you're absolete - absolutely absolete
(Souped up coupe de ville), come on, Ramon, you'd better face it
(Rock 'n' Roll sympatico), no-no-nobody's fool enough not to be sweet

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  • Release information
    label: Idiot Records
    country(area): Netherlands
    format: Vinyl
    script: Latin