Who Sang Mental Conditions? Filthy Boy

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Release Date: 2013-4-1
I have mental conditions
I have no intuitions
There is no inhibition in me
To rid myself of all my fantasies
You'll see
I've tried to get better (tried to get better)
She sent me a letter
But I went out and met her instead
I tiptoed and I sat down by her bed
She said, what's this now, Tony?
Get out of my house
Stay back now, Tony
You really freaking me out
(Oh, Oh, Oh)
Oh please no, Tony, Let me go
I don't know what happened that night (what happened that night)
I guess she put me on the spotlight
Clearly something's not right with me
They say I'm unsuitable to join society
But they'll see
I've found me a looker (found me a looker)
Yeah, she's a nice high class hooker
I picked her up and took er' to my place
I switched the lights and gently touched her face
Such a grace
She said, Hey now, Mister
I don't understand
Stay back now, Mister
What's that in your hand?
(Oh, Oh, Oh)
Oh please no, Mister, Let me go
Although I am a nice, I like to watch when they cry
Only God knows why
Some times I get bored, and the other me takes control
I start to feel strange inside
They all say I'm mad, they say my actions are bad
But why do they feel so right?
I need to turn myself in, before the madness begins tonight
They've gone and put me away now (put me away now)
Yeah, no long restraint, no, they say I'll be okay
As long as I take these tablets every day, Hooray
And I have a new friend called Andy (new friend called Andy)
He understands me, and comes in great handy for me
To help me handle all my fantasies
And he says, I'm sorry, Tony
Guess this is the end
Lay back now, Tony
Goodnight my friend
(Oh, Oh, Oh)

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