Who Sang Never Alone? Final War

Final War We Speak the Truth cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 1:58
You fought hard to save your race
vowed to never show dishonor or disgrace
when the pressure got strong you just fought harder
thinking of your comrades remembering your martyr's
until the day in which you fell
and were confined to your prison cell
you were there at the front of the crowd
always ready to shout it out loud
You fought to save our race
you vowed to do whatever it takes
your loyalty was always shown
now wherever you are you're never alone
Now you sit in your cell
living in a personal hell
we all know that you gave it your all
and ten will rise due to your fall
your in our hearts and minds all of the time
never forgotten your loyalty shines
you inspire us every day
and although you're gone your honor remains

CD 1
  • 1 A Day in the Life Of...
  • 2 Senseless Violence
  • 3 Repatriation
  • 4 The Patriots
  • 5 We Speak the Truth
  • 6 Pearl Harbor
  • 7 Don't Want Your Excuses
  • 8 Victory or Death
  • 9 Settle the Score
  • 10 War Machine
  • 11 Final Attack
  • 12 Never Alone
  • 13 Living for the Day
  • 14 Do What You Want
  • 15 OC Skinhead
  • 16 Brotherhood