Black Flowers Lyrics - Fishbone

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Release information
Release Date: 1993-5-25
length: 5:47
composer: Christopher Dowd
lyricist: Christopher Dowd
Black Flowers have lost their way
They`ve lost their way again
Cursed for their will to dream
Raped by mankind again

Like the auction blocks of castrated dreams
Kills the heart of love turned into disease
And each day I pray
Please take me away
Please take me away

Black flowers have lost their way (X4)
Why does this hatred linger on
Voices in my mind remind me everyday
And the passing time has healed no wounds
Deep inside my heart the pain it lingers still
And the love
Away the colors
Oh the love
Fade and blur
Has rotted away
Outside my window sill
And I can`t bear this feeling anymore

No I won`t give into hatred
And I`ll never stop dreaming
And I`ll love
Oh I`ll love
Till my very last breath
Is taken away

"You have to put on your imagination
Heart glasses to see the rest !"

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