Jack Ass Brigade Lyrics - Fishbone

Fishbone Still Stuck in Your Throat cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-16
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock/Funk Metal/Ska
length: 3:38
writer: Angelo Moore, John Norwood Fisher
Into the truck stop at three in the morning Oh shit
And you thought you had time to take a dump
Drop the kids off at the pool
Stepping out, doo doo, the bus done split
Now you're asking around people for a ride
They won't look you in the eye
They just frown and turn thier heads to the side
So on the side of the road with the will to survive
And the nitty witty gritty
And finally a kind soul gave me a ride
And the zoomings all around and the japanese are killing me
For really won't you look at me

J.A.B. jackass brigade oh yeah
J.A.B. jackass brigade yeah
Jackass brigade, we got it made, NOT!!!
Even when it's freezing cold or icy hot
J.A.B. jackass brigade yeah

Stuck in the middle, you're trapped, no one knows where the gig is at
No one even cares, they just keep looking at my head
Finally we get around to the station
Sneaking past the conductor
And plus the fucking people really scared
I'ma ducking and a dodgin' just to get to my destination at the train station where the guys are waiting for me
Just to tell me, eeee, what a jackass I can be
Went through hell and high water to get back
And all they do is laugh at me
And the zoomings all around and the japanese are killing me
For really won't you look at me


From the frying pan into the fire
We do it just so that the flames get higher
I smell something burning, maybe it's my ass
So I think I'll add just a little more gas

Circus jerkus, some call it hocus pokus
Running caddywampus but extremely focused
If it wasn't for dreams and fantasy
Too hard to laugh at yourself, so you're laughing at me

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