Who Sang Slam Dunk da Funk? Five

Five Five cover art
Release information
Writer(s): Martin Karl Sandberg, Dag Krister Volle, Herbert St:clair Crichlow
Release Date: 1998-6-22
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: Pop Rap/Euro House/Ballad/Europop
length: 3:38
Five bad boys with the power to rock you
Blowing your mind so you gotta get into
Five, whatcha waiting
Four, if you wanna
Three, three
Two, two
One let's do it

(Welcome to tonight's game
and if you've just tuned in these five guys
have been taking it to the rim
slam dunking the whole night
I'm feeling really great, how about you John?
Hit me)

Do you wanna get freaky
When the five of us make one
You gotta push the good vibe on
If you really wanna feel it
Got da flava in my song
But I really need to know

Do you wanna get down
Do you wanna get funky
Do you wanna get down
Get on down

Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk, put it up
(If you got that feeling)
Slam dunk da funk, put it up (put it up)

You gotta shoot, pass, slam baby time to set it off
I'll be up, up away, above the rim and hook a shot
Ally oop, baby, whoop, there it is and now I got ya
Three seconds left, it's just enough for me to rock ya
Now check it, how I flip it rock a beat cos
I get with it and everybody wants to be the man
With a hey, yippee yo yippee four quarter slam
Everybody grab a party and just get on down



You wanna know what hits you like a fork lift truck
We got J, AB, Rich, Sean and Scott rocking the extra
Curricular ladies love particular fella
Who knock da meter get the boom shake regular
Five bad boys, honey no, we don¡¯t quit ¡®til we hit
The rebound sound with a kick
So come on everybody, everybody in tune
As I boomshake 'n rock a boody
Gimme room
Clap your hands
Stamp your feet
Push it in, pull it out to the beat


CD 1
  • 1 Slam Dunk da Funk
  • 2 When the Lights Go Out
  • 3 Everybody Get Up
  • 4 Got the Feelin’
  • 5 It’s the Things You Do
  • 6 Human (The Five remix)
  • 7 Until the Time Is Through
  • 8 Satisfied
  • 9 Partyline 555‐On‐Line
  • 10 That’s What You Told Me
  • 11 It’s All Over
  • 12 Don’t You Want It
  • 13 Shake
  • 14 Cold Sweat
  • 15 Straight Up Funk
  • 16 My Song
  • 17 [silence]
  • 55 Switch

  • Release information
    label: RCA
    country(area): United Kingdom
    format: CD
    barcode: 743215897620
    script: Latin