Who Sang Cycle? Flashlight

Flashlight Flashlight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1998-2-17
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Soul/Disco
length: 3:06
Left it in the road with a bottle and a toad
and i wrapped it 30 times in a steal chain, baby
My bike is gone
Left it in the street with a bottle at your feet
and a laser beam alarm but someone must have swiped it
My bike is gone

Just picked it up from the local bike shop
After 3 long years of saving up, baby
My bike is gone

Forced myself to walk to the local cop shop
where i relayed them my story and they kindly disregarded me
My bike is gone
Anger made me woozy so i went and bought an uzi
and i marched around the town trying to be a vigilante
My bike is gone

Never know what they say Never know what they

CD 1
  • 1 The Tank
  • 2 Lose the Shades
  • 3 Yet Another Plumber
  • 4 Crash Baby
  • 5 Piercing Hut
  • 6 Butterball
  • 7 Blindsided
  • 8 Luftwaffe
  • 9 New Boyfriend
  • 10 Alt
  • 11 Plane Ride
  • 12 Dog
  • 13 Minimum R&B
  • 14 Cycle
  • 15 Super Secret Hidden Bonus Track