Who Sang Childhood? Flowers From the Man Who Shot Your Cousin

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Release Date: 2006-4-19
length: 2:18
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childhood, was i happy then?
i don't remember it all that well.
i would've ended it by now
if it wasn't for the cinema.
and i know it's getting late.
the food is aging in my plate.
feels like i've passed my expiring date.
like a lonely vegetable
waiting in my cubicle.
i'll never amount to anything,
so what have i left to give?
what is there left to say
when at the closing of the day
feels like the world has passed away
dull, blank, and l***erless.
clumsy, unadorned, and colorless.
i never liked me anyhow.
i wasn't made for any time.
still i wanted you to know
yeah, i wanted you to know
moonlight came upon my worthless shadow.

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    country(area): France
    script: Latin