Who Sang Destination Undefined? Foreign Objects

Release information
Release Date: 1995-10-1
length: 4:14

What if the present suddenly became the past or future
If the system is reversed
One situation will lead to another
The blocks of time bind together

They form your life arranged in a pattern
Birth is where it starts, death where it ends
When rearranged, you can lead...

A new life, a constant line
Take your time
Your destination undefined...you're alive!

Go back in time and live until you are satisfied
Recycle yourself without a threat of being denied
Discover senses you never knew make up your mind
Positive and negative energy forces combined

The future has suddenly become the past
Enigma, infidelity to reality
Determine what you did before living for hopes and dreams
And only the fortunate survive
Destiny will let you see eye to eye
Helplessness from beginning until the end
Confusion...all turning into a cycle

Your destination is undefined...

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