Who Sang If This Is Love? Frank McComb

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Genre: Jazz Funk / Soul
Style: Rhythm & Blues/Soul
length: 6:32
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Thoughts wander through my mind everyday
You're back home again, are you here to stay?
I still have these visions of what used to be
The intimate time spent between you and me
Said we'd forever be by each other's side, yes we

I stood on that promise but you lied
I thought promises were meant to keep
But they're only words if there's no sincerity

You never gave me no reason why
You left without even sayin' good-bye
If this is love I'd hate to see how things would be
If there was no love in your heart for me
Now one must be cruel to keep breakin' another's

And I was a fool to let you rip mine apart
Now this is where I must take a stand as a man
And release my stress by lettin' go of your hand
Believe me I don't wanna do it naw but

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    script: Latin