Who Sang Whatcha Gonna Do? Frank McComb

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length: 4:28
Someone stole my joy yesterday,
I had to sit down and find a song to play.
Judge me not by the clothes that I wear.
Pardon me I don't appreciate your stare.

I'm so tired of the way the people do.
Their insecurities- puttin' their stuff on you.
Excuse me but I have to take time
to let you know just what's on my mind.
It's time for me to tell the truth,
it's not what you say but what you do.


That's my brother, I'm here for you.
Hold on my sister, I gotcha Boo.
Not about color, that's how we do.
It's not whatcha say but whatcha do.

I'm just a man workin' hard to pay bills.
Maybe a fancy car, house in the hills.
Raise a family, play music all day.
Conquer many dreams, eat right and pray.
Black, white, brown-we'll all the same
as long as we get down and you call me by name.
Mr. Frank McComb I love your song.
Tryin' to get people to sing along.
I got to try and spread the truth-
It's not whatcha say but whatcha do.



This life can bring you so much pain
but you can't keep your spirit contained.
Love is the only thing that really matters.
You gotta hold on to love.
Hold on to love.
Hey! Whatcha gonna do!

  • 1 Shine
  • 2 Whatcha Gonna Do
  • 3 Never Letting Go
  • 4 Do You Remember Love
  • 5 Fools
  • 6 When You Call My Name
  • 7 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • 8 Cupid's Arrow
  • 9 Better Off Without You
  • 10 Intimate Time
  • 11 Shine (bonus mix)