Frayser Boy - Posse Song (H.C.P.) 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2005-7-12
ジャンル: Hip Hop
スタイル: Gangsta
length: 4:44
Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'
I wanna send a special shout out to these hypocrites
These mutha****in' fairy informant *** *****z mayne
You know what I'm sayin', these muh****in' Donnie Brascos
These ****in' **** riders, ol' ***** eatin' bullshit *** *****z

Run they muh****in' mouth, get they muh****in' wig
Split, talkin' all that muh****in' ***** hoe *** **** *****
We ain't playin' with none of you hoez
Y'all know who I'm talkin' about **** you *****es
Project Pat light the ****in' track up for these hoes mayne

Hen-hen-O-Sin make a playa sin, mix it in with that white and gin
Here we go again, Project Pat gotta keep a strap, haters know I rap
Wanna shoot me in my gold teeth, blow me off the map
I attack like a shark would represent this hood
North Memphis, ***** Hollywood
Make it understand in my blood ain't no trakeness
Or no fakeness and no hoe couldn't break this, you can hate this

Dis ***** that *****, ***** here's the deal
Crunchy ain't runnin' 'round here fakin' deals
Crunchy runnin' 'round here tryna get a meal
Why you fakin' a deal, it don't cost nothin' to be real

All ya gotta do is keep that **** real
Don't be runnin' 'round here hollerin' you got deals
Don't be runnin' 'round here hollerin' that you'll kill
It don't cost nothin' to be real but it costs when ya kill

I'm 'bout to crash into you suckaz like the World Trade
I'm riding Green Escalade, full of green grenades
You hoez always hollerin' that we be some *****es and ****
But everytime I turn around you got our name on your ****

I used to be with them mayne, I'm still with them
You wish you was with them
How the **** you hate them when you always claimin them?
I think it's funny 'cause ya'll ******s be still calling my studio
Trying to get back, stay who you with 'cause I don't need ya hoe

I call up my *****z we buckin' and tossin' with no mercy hoe
We packin' mass case and decoratin' ya with bullet holes
La Chat I be ready you bustaz ain't got no reeds and ****
That leaves me no choice to grab my glock and go ****a wit

You speak killa talk but ain't no killa in yo blood boi
The infrared be beamin', I got this scope-a behind your door
You *****z can't take it you hate the fact that we runnin' it
You ain't gotta love it but you gon learn to respect it *****

Got some syrup in my cup, got some smoke in my mouth
Got some white in my nose, got your ***** on the couch
Got her head in my lap, trick I gotta keep it south
Got a problem with Three 6, gotta blow your brains out

Got that south sowed up, got them guns loaded up
****in' with the Scarecrow, that'll get ya blowed up
It's a hold up, everybody fold up
*****z talk like they tough but they ain't got no nutts, *****

I'm shootin' a dike in her breasto, coward in his chesto
And this police *****, what we call em' Donnie Brasco
If you *****es want war, you can bring it, let's go
When I put this tone in yo face presto

A killa in a black coat, goin' to make a mesto
Leave you in da street wit a bloody Willie Esco
Drankin' on some scotch and we choppin' down that coco
Tryin' to roll some pot in a ****in' optimol-doe

Don't you make the wrong move and you'll get your *** killed dawg
A fake *** ***** but he claimin' that he real dawg
You ain't gotta lie to kick it actin' like you down dawg
Always lookin' lite trying to wear a murder frown dawg

Don't you get smacked and be gettin' off the pavement dawg
Don't you make me act a fool when somebody hatin' me dawg
Hypnotize Camp Posse got my ****in' back dawg
Frayser Boy will leave you stankin', pop you with that gat dawg

I'm watchin' out for you polices, *****z who'll tell it
This union will rip your head in pieces, I know ya feel it
These lyrics just like Mona Lisas 'cause you can sell it
The posse click tight like feces, I know ya smell it

This ghetto hood **** is crucial just like a murder
You step, whoa, then we shoot ya we quick to serve ya
You hate us feelings mutual so don't be scared-a
The HCP will do ya mayne, we gon hurtcha

CD 1
  • 1 Intro: Me Being Me
  • 2 I Got Dat Drank (feat. Mike Jones & Paul Wall)
  • 3 Water (feat. Lil Wyte)
  • 4 Niggas in Da Hood
  • 5 Stay Focused
  • 6 You Smell That
  • 7 It's da Summa Time
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  • 9 Fuckem'
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  • 13 She Got Me Sayin Damn (feat. Chrome)
  • 14 Serious (feat. Chrome)
  • 15 Ridin
  • 16 I'm a Problem
  • 17 If She a Hoe
  • 18 Posse Song (H.C.P.)
  • 19 Outro