Who Sang Knicks? Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Madlib Piñata cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-3-18
length: 3:39
[Verse 1]
Pippen on the a__ist
I'm watching Jordan drop a double nickel on the Knicks
That was "95, couple of us ain"t live til '96
g_______ing, cane slanging had us caught up in a twist
We was middle school fools, life was rushing past me
Fresh up out a school bus fighting up at Pulaski
Uncle hit me off with a zip, now I get some cash, G
"Where will you get some money for Nikes?" my mama asked me
I got it selling nickle bags
Stress, weed, million seeds, where the liquor at?
Mad Dog 20/20, kept a n____ loose
Murder was the case except a n____s taste the gin and juice
Cause then we gon' be riding on some bullshit
Shoot up a n____ crib, that's some hood s___
And I can give a f___ who in the house sleep
Waking up the neighbors, shoot my trey eight at the police, b____

I got it selling nickel bags, b____

[Verse 2]
Chilling with a b____
Watching LeBron put up a 56 on the Knicks
In 2005, police killed my n____ in 2006
Only thing he losing is his pension, ain"t that "bout a b____
If I see that ho I got a slug for him
I wanna kill him slow like I ain't got no love for him
I wanna torture and burn him, drag him to hell with me
This for my n____ just lurking, working the scale with me
In these last days, on my last page
f___ a job, I'm whipping this b___er cause crime pays
In these last days, on my last page
f___ a job, I'm serving these clunkers cause crime pays
I'm a lunatic by nature
Yeah, kidnap a family for his paper
Yeah, and if you make it through the day, bro
Yeah, pray to God I ain't stank ya, b____


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