Who Sang Real? Freddie Gibbs & Madlib

Madlib Piñata cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-3-18
length: 3:34
Ready to kick your a__ out of the world

[Verse 1]
Remember everybody ain't loyal
You soft as gelatin, sick of telling them, n____ show 'em
It's coca in the pot, n____ drop it and let it boil
Goofy n____s make me nervous, ain't serve 'em if I ain't know 'em
Eastside, sleeping in my dope house clothes
Run down pair of Jordans and some dirty Girbauds
Sucker coming with a short, he get extorted, exposed
n____ stand on my own two b____, my d___ and ten toes
Straight to the tippy top
Hear this n____ spitting it, whether I got a hit or not
I hit it with the whip, they notice it when they hit the rock
I'm just a cocaina chemist
Cooking, chopping and cutting, you'll die if I push a b___on
n____s heard of me, now all of a sudden they back to thugging
If I never sell a record might catch me hot water juggin'
The D.A. want me gone, say I'm detriment to the public
Took his daughter, put this d___ in her b___
And said "how you love it, b____?''
Remember everybody ain't loyal
Cause all the real n____s in jail or deep in the soil
Dancing with the devil or eating fish with the Lord
Gotta spit it how I live it, I beat the street and report, n____
All the real n____s either in jail or deep in the soil, n____

[Verse 2]
The world ain't big enough for both of us
Batter up, now you p____ n____s getting f___ed
Straight raw with infection, passing no prophylactic
Eastside, anybody killa, my n____s active
Smoking and breaking a 7 up in a 6-5-0
Babyface Gangsta I been slanging, banging since 9-4
I thought the world was at my feet when I linked up with Snow
But I refuse to be his flunkie, so we don't kick it no mo'
Straight to the facts, n____
I looked up to you, put that on my momma
Signed a deal with you and never asked you for a dollar
Cause I was down with CTE, plus I was getting cheese
I played my f___ a__ contract, what the lick read?
Thought I'd say this s___ cause you ain't man enough to come discuss it
You wanna be Jay-Z? n____ you just a f___ing puppet
Gary boys ain't 'bout talkin', so b____ I had to show ya
Don't make me expose you to those that don't know ya
Man you said you the realest n____ in this m_________er, check it
But Ross had you scared to drop a diss record
No nuts, got the whole team looking weak
Guess that's why they ran up on you at the BET
L.A. red carpet, yeah, I was geeked
You couldn't take security, so we ain't take a seat
I played the fool before, but yo a ho I'll never be
They searched that tour bus in Milwaukee, had that .44 with me
ESGN and to the end, I feed the killers
Pray the Lord'll take my breath before I be like this monkey n____
Just a whole lot of rapping, but no m_________ing action
Seen Gucci by himself while we was 30 deep at Magic
And you didn't bust a grape, was shook from the gate
It make it seem to me the gangsta s___ you kick be fake
Cause all my enemies, I put them suckers in their place
So take them shades up of your eyes, and look me in my f___ing face
Cause I'm a m_________ing rare breed
The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again
Don't reproduce nothin' but evil seeds
I'm rapping and trapping and still ducking these F-E-D's
But BMF was sticking you for your f___ing cheese
And yeah I know you sold the blow and whipped the hard
But underneath the f___ing money you's a f___ing mark
Take heed to my statements, because they might throw you
Don't make me expose you to those who don't know you
Snowman Killa

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