Who Sang Affiliated? Freddie Gibbs & Statik Selektah feat. Reks & PUSH! Montana

Release information
Release Date: 2011-6-23
length: 2:20
*****s know what I'm affiliated with
I'm quick to bust a move
And bust yo' windows for this paper *****
*****s get on off gimmicks
They don't wanna get into no gangsta ****
Fryin' yo' *** in front of yo' family
Yo that's my favorite
**** to do to *****s
Read you runnin' through these *****s
Like a pack of condoms
Sick just like I passed the flu to *****s
I was diplomatic
But this **** was gettin' through to *****s
Way these ******s be actin'
Make me just wanna shoot at *****s
Go back to my roots on *****s
A S.K. and a (?)
Leave your crib one day without choppers, you gon' be dead, dog
Burn some *****s off and then paid the cost over bread, dog
Busta came in asked for some credit
But I'm like, "Hell nah"
If I was Jimmy Henchman
I would have been left the country
**** the snitches and ***** polices, them *****s monkeys
Ten pounds of kush and a set of speakers
That **** was funky
I just needed drugs
I'm a plug wrappin' this **** before me

Spazzmatic cabbage cranium classic
Deliver bastard bars
Freddie and Statik
Pushin' the pad
Pinnacle General as if
I be asthmatic, he fill syllables
In lyrical paragraphs
My scribbling battle raps or story verses
They gon' need hearses
Undertaker, Mother Nature
You be one with makers
Son to say your passion
Jesus, sip Grey Goose
Henny and reminisce, R-E-K-S Genesis
The revolution's evolution
'Til revelation, you made your bed with Satan
Game is full of hella hatin'
I'm bakin' a book of statements for real emcees's
To kill the likes of little B's
Enemies turn to mini me's
Lord of Gary
R and Freddie killin' beats
Pinnacle of (?)
To the (?)
Martin, Langston and Don Goines
I'm omens to all men
Poker table all in
Get to know the label
Y'all showin' off, we the spokesmen

Lights, camera, action
It's the main attraction
Nothin' like the rest of these ******s
The bullshit on the radio, heard by masses
I'm MJ with a team full of Kerrs and Paxsons
Squad of shooters, with black rugers
Baby mama wallin', true to the stash looters
You can ask around, know Push keep it the truest
You're looking at the American version of (?)
Or (?)
***** **** it I do this
Need to come holler at your boy and get some tutelage
Might see me with thirty grand in front of hipsters
But I'm knee deep in the street
Don't get me mixed up
I'm dirty, it's best to be cool fam
****, I'm Tim Taylor with the tool, man
Play Wilson, I peek over the gate
Soon as I see your brows I'm squeezin' in your face

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  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Lord Giveth, Lord Taketh Away
  • 3 Rap Money
  • 4 Affiliated
  • 5 Wild Style
  • 6 Already
  • 7 Keep It Warm for Ya

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    label: Showoff Records
    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin