The Real G Money Lyrics - Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs ESGN cover art
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Release Date: 2013-6-19
length: 3:11
I said it one for the money
Two for the motherfucking haters, man

As these drugs alter my heartbeat
Ain't been taking my medication, don't get me started G
Hustlin', jackin', murder and mackin' been such a part of me
Such an evil seed, wonder what will my son or daughter be?
Killers, I'm too crazy, ain't fit to raise 'em
Streets might send yo daddy off on vacation or early grave him
Asked my pastor, is there some special place in heaven for gangsters?
In the 8th grade I was selling 8 balls off that pager, put it on my nation
I'm young, thuggin' out my shoebox
Crack rock cooking on 2Pac
Came up in the school of the ski mask
Where you quick to make a punk bitch move out
I'm raised way deep on the east side
Right next to the Dorie Miller projects
GDs, Vice Lords on the same set
Wear your hat the wrong way, you get popped at
And I got a hundred round drum on the AK
Killed a nigga and his homeboy the same day
Now I'm looking for the third motherfucker
'Cause I burn motherfuckers in the rap game same way
And the label never gave no fucks
Tell 'em only thing that dropped was these nuts
Thinking that I'm playing with niggas 'cause I don't cater to niggas
I just be taking from niggas and I be waiting for niggas to get

Let's get it started
Hoe, we don't need no water, burn 'em
Let's get it started
Hoe, we don't need no water, burn 'em
Let's get it started
Hoe, we don't need no water
'Cause I woke up, lit my smoke up, cooked my dope up and said 'fuck the world'

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