Who Sang Hey, Girl? Freddie Scott

Release information
Release Date: 1964
length: 3:11
Hey, Girl! I want you to know,
I'm gonna miss you so much if you go.
And, Hey, Girl! I tell you no lie,
Something deep inside of me's going to die,
if you say so long, if this is goodbye. Oh!

Hey, Girl! This can't be true,
How am I supposed to exist without you?
And, Hey, Girl! Now don't put me on,
What's gonna happen to me when you're gone.
How will I live. How can I go on.
How can I go on? Hey, Girl!

Hey, Girl! Now sit yourself down,
I'm not ashamed to get down on the ground,
Don't go away. Hey, Girl!
Don't go away. Hey, Girl!

12" Vinyl 1
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  • 6 Days of Wine and Roses
  • 7 Hey, Girl
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