Who Sang Different? Freestyle Fellowship

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Release information
Release Date: 2001-10-16
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 3:06
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Yea, put this shit down
My name is acyalone
From the freestyle fellowship crew
Check this out

I've been known for doing things
Different than other motherfuckers in the game

[Verse 1] Aceyalone
First of all let me tell you just who i am
I'm your long lost relative, nigga we fam
I'm your cousin on your daddy's side
Up in the jam
Am the god damn sheppard who be watching the lambs
Yo, so many people trying just to find a way
And put their nose to the dirt
And they grind away
It's like I really wanna help em'
But what can i do
Its like my back against the wall
And i'm struggling too
And I sit around thinking of somebody to blame
Put a flame to my jed-oint
And ease the pain
For my family thats slain there's too many to name
So i dedicate this to my peoples with game
You wild ass females be out of control
Alot a punk ass niggas
Be playing a role
It's like everything that glitters
Sho' is not gold
You better watch your back
Because the world is cold

I've been known for doing things
Different than other motherfuckers in the game

[Verse 2] Myka 9
Since the game is to be sold and not told
Alot of folks offer me doe for thing they heard me say
Some put game on lay away
Just to pay me back, at a later date, with a greater rate
Behold, myka 9
Baller on the map, in your almanac
Killer cali, the final finally
For the tally, rally
What more can i convey
If i borrow 50 thousand dollers from you
And don't spend it, bring it back in a few days
I got a 50 thousand doller credit line with you
So when i really need it for what i wanted
I can flip it for a profit
Make you happy that you fronted
Remember fbi see iou's and intrest
I know fools who invest in weak m.c's
Who would dream to have a fellowship
Recoup to impress, the bankers
But i'm down with gangsters
Who can't wait for haters to pay us
We just to anxious
I know are fan base thanks us
And them females who get naked
Stacked up booty saying myka spanks us
But they got me twisted
And i ain't no
If they think i'm tricking
They need to change their hustle
Their emotions suffer from mis-managment
Thats why the vanish from are camp of banishment?
Them hoes need to stick to that dancing shit

I've been known for doing things
Different than other motherfuckers in the game

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  • Release information
    label: Ground Control Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 659657706027
    script: Latin