Who Sang Reppin' the Streets? Freeway

Freeway Free at Last cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-11-20
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap

[Verse One]
Life's a struggle you born alone and you die alone
In between life's pages you get your cryin' on
I'm from where you never snitch you do the time for 'em
Nigga try to play you bring the nine's for 'em, ride on 'em
Catch 'em in traffic and squeeze the gauge on 'em, rain on 'em
Donnelly's is them niggas with the cage for 'em
Motherfucker's swore they had me trapped in a box
I had to plan and plot before I could brainstorm, name bomb
Bomb on 'em, the plan is to stay calm
React like Saddam but cool as the Fonz on 'em
These niggas ain't killers I'm pullin' the files on 'em
They chumps, chimps, ain't even monkey's run from gorillas
They livin' your rhymes out
You live with your moms
And you ain't pushin' no rides and you ain't whippin' those nine's out
You livin' a lie and you continue to lie
And we continue to mob, word to my mom we movin' out

From war and tears to white tees
Yeah, from crack bundles to black burners
Uh, from cold winters to hot summers
From north and south Philly to South Beach
Uh, from jail cells to plush suits
Yeah, from Timbalands to Nikes
Uh, from button ups to hoods we
Still keepin' it hood, reppin' the streets

[Verse Two]
Comin' up I ain't had name brand nothin' on
All my shirts they had the Tigers on 'em, ironed on 'em
Then I got myself together went and grinded for it
She was struggling, couldn't ask my moms for it
My era
Them little niggas with them K's that'll pall bear ya
They will strip you naked, leavin' you with nothin' on
Uh, catch you at the light and step and pall bear ya
This goes for all areas, wherever hustlin' goes on
There's a whole lot of bustin' involved
People dyin', lot of cryin', lot of fussin' goin' on
Uh, I seen people be there in the day
Then by the night, disappear in the fog
Then reappear in the morgue
Then they name just appear on your arm
With a tat sayin' "This for my dawgs", but nigga this for my dawgs
No tats so I spit it in raps
So they hear you if I lay here tomorrow
Will I be here tomorrow?


[Verse Three]
If I had dollar for every person caught up in the system that was innocent
I'd be richer than the president
Was incarcerated now you see me on your internet
Spit Sony high definition that's the vividness
Didn't know I could spit now you know I got the intellect
And the tec
So tryin' to come at me is frivolous
Y'all talkin' killer shit, but y'all talkin' gibberishness
Cause y'all ain't killin' shit
Unless y'all gon' hate me to death
First case was abating and theft
My first felon was attempt to deliver cause I'd attempted to deliver
Now picture me tryin' to attempt to deliver
Now a days I bring that shit to your steps
And tell that shit to your reps
Matter of fact I got a clip for your reps
Pump a slug in that face and dump that ass in the river
For shark beef
We tryin' to keep shit safe
That's for my people with the keys in the safe
We gon' squeeze for our niggas


CD 1
  • 1 This Can't Be Real
  • 2 It's Over
  • 3 Still Got Love
  • 4 Roc-A-Fella Billionaires
  • 5 When They Remember
  • 6 Take It to the Top
  • 7 Spit That Shit
  • 8 Reppin' the Streets
  • 9 Free at Last
  • 10 Baby Don't Do It
  • 11 Nuttin' on Me
  • 12 Walk Wit Me
  • 13 Lights Get Low
  • 14 I Cry

  • Release information
    label: Roc‐A‐Fella Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 602498826010
    script: Latin