Who Sang Full Effect? Freeway & Young Gunz

Young Gunz New Kidz on the Block cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 2:25
They got me staring at the world through my rearview
Blow that baby, scream to Gotti
Can't help you with your problems
Thug *****s wild when I come through

They can relate to my views
And couple with their problems(Uh!)
Turn this up, ****s ya problem?
This is real ****, homie

In the booth with the four-fifth
Only two clips, so the other clip
Don't get, lonely homie, pull it homie
No **** homie, know me?(Yeah!)

Get in work, fa' we puffin licks, homie(Yeah!)
I got the vocal chords, want to hear some more?(Yeah!)
How I ran a block, dropped and picked up brauds
In a hooptie not a drop-top, got ya ***** up more(Yeah!)

Switch next-shift, from the block-shift
To the wreck-shift, then I got the click up raw(Yeah!)
Hatin' *****s get shot up in liquor stores
Beat, strapped and tied up with extension cords

[Chorus - Freeway]
Freeway's in Full Effect
And all I need is one reason just to pull this burner
'Cause, why'all taught me to go next
And I'm a be god damned if I'm a give my turn up
Freeway's in Full Effect
And all I need is one reason just to pull this ratchet out
Why'all taught me to go next
And I'm a be god damned if I'm a squeeze my cannon

[Young Neef]
Yeah, Uh, Young Gunz, Neef(WHAT?)
Yo, Yo, Yo Yo
Far as I'm hearing, why'all doing a lot of comparing
'Cause Young Neef's on the block missing a lot of appearance

Yeah youngin' still got it in, 120 a gram
Now that have yo smokers, and yo fiends
Leanin' like a kick-stand
I'd send my brother for ya mother man

Put up blocks in em'
Dead presidents wrapped in rubber-bands
Chatti' will pistol-whips
That'll rip through ****

I hate a prick, I'd kill his *****
And make her lick the ****
Neef, keeps out more then an extended clip
'Cause I rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6

And I can show you how to DO THIS ****!
Get ya straight and get ya cake right?
Let us smoke and test ya weight
Before you take it to plate

Rock it down, stuff the **** in five eighths
Early and not late(Uh!)
Don't be makin' no mistakes
Put it out and then you bring it back straight

It's more money to make

[Chorus - Young Neef]

[Young Chris]
Uh, Uh, Yo, A'yo
Young Gunna, just another victim of the ghetto *****
Post and Pivot and distrubute the work
My Pop broke as filthy got addicted to work

Man, they say it's a shame, but they say it's the game
I made my way through the game
Rowdy lil youngin', was the snotty nosed youngin'
Everybody lil youngin'

They only youngin' out huggin' that pavement
For paper, and was shoveling pavement for neighbors
I never made it to them 5 on 5's(Uh!)
They was playin' live, I was tryin' stay live!

Tryin' to stay alive!
Moms workin' 11:30 to curfew, I was tryin' to stay til' 5
Hopin' the corners stay alive, while I'm killin' it
Can't stop me before the day I'm robbed

I'll be coppin' again
So **** a day job while I'm feelin' it
They ain't stoppin me
Straight from the center to "State Property"(UH!)

[Chorus - Young Chris]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 8 More Miles
  • 3 Bei Nacht (Shangoe remix)
  • 4 Realest Killaz
  • 5 Represent
  • 6 Damn!
  • 7 I Don’t Give a Fuck
  • 8 Nur ein Toy
  • 9 Snake (DJ Devin remix)
  • 10 Right Thurr
  • 11 Alles ist gut
  • 12 Im Hood
  • 13 What’s Really Good?
  • 14 Ground Zero
  • 15 Mein Block (Beathoavenz remix)
  • 16 Drück auf Stop
  • 17 In the Hood
  • 18 Ratha Be Ya Nigga
  • 19 Die beste Crew
  • 20 Full Effect
  • 21 Build This City
  • 22 Eine Hand wäscht die Andere

  • Release information
    label: ersguterjunge
    country(area): Germany
    format: CD
    script: Latin