Who Sang Alleviate? Freya

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 2:06

Alleviate the suffering
With the actions that I take
Contribute to the misery
When they turn away
I see with more
Than just my eyes
Watch it dissolve
Watch it decay
I rebuke you
Dissolving I refuse to decay
Decaying I refuse to dissolve

  • 1 Threads of Life
  • 2 Suffer Not One
  • 3 Only the Martyrs
  • 4 Down to the Last
  • 5 Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
  • 6 Alleviate
  • 7 Lift the Curse
  • 8 Lilith
  • 9 Born in Blood
  • 10 War Pigs