Who Sang Lilith? Freya

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 2:35

In the dark before the sun's first light
Between it's last rays and the night
The doorway shimmers between the worlds
They've many names in many lands
Voices that whisper on the wind
Footsteps on the fallen leaves
Was our world theirs in the past
Did they fade or do they last
The sons of Lilith
The daughters of eve
Are there other worlds beyond the ones that we
Can see the merest glimpse out of
The corners of our eyes
They slip across the veil
Silently and sly
Ancient beings from other realms
Tuatha de Danaan
Magic from the arcane past
For good or ill it still lives on
Here to heal or here to harm
Here to guide or lead astray
Here to hide or to reveal
Here to save or curse and slay
The malevolent careless
The withering
Hand of blight

  • 1 Threads of Life
  • 2 Suffer Not One
  • 3 Only the Martyrs
  • 4 Down to the Last
  • 5 Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
  • 6 Alleviate
  • 7 Lift the Curse
  • 8 Lilith
  • 9 Born in Blood
  • 10 War Pigs