Who Sang Only the Martyrs? Freya

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 2:16

Beneath a boiling sky
Tears stream from upturned eyes
The day for which I prayed
All doubt is swept away
Wrath of the almighty
Through red clouds judgment pours
Angels draw gleaming swords
As they descend
No more forgiveness
No more reprieves
Only the martyrs
Will be received through heaven's gates
Plagues, wars, and disasters
Preludes to the horrors
The screams from the abyss
Echo our own
Now nothing lies concealed
Every vicious act revealed
The fallen condemned to writhe in the flames

  • 1 Threads of Life
  • 2 Suffer Not One
  • 3 Only the Martyrs
  • 4 Down to the Last
  • 5 Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
  • 6 Alleviate
  • 7 Lift the Curse
  • 8 Lilith
  • 9 Born in Blood
  • 10 War Pigs