Who Sang Seize the Day? Freya

Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-20
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
length: 3:04
Rather regret the thins I've done
Than mourn the thoughts of the things I haven't
All of the failures that weight down on me
Are leassons sealed into my memory
Time is precious so I use it wisely
Sieze the day who knows what lies ahead
Won't conform I'll be myself instead
Now or never cause it's worth a try
Don't waste this chance and let it pass us by
Carpe Diem
One run straight through
and then it's all over
Carpe Diem
Live now this time
May never come again
Drink now if there's water
Tomorrow our bones
May lie beneath the burning sand
It there's one thing I know
It's this real
If there's one thing I know
It's this can last
If there's one thing I know
It's we could win
If there's one thing I know
It's meant to be

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