Who Sang Threads of Life? Freya

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 2:24

Each life a miracle
Created by the divine
Breathed into existence
For a destiny perfectly designed
With the freedom to decide
Which of the paths to take
From this world they lead
Into the next and on into
To eternity
For the unity of souls
Or the unending torment
That waits within the flames
Kindness and fairness or the
Misery of the selfish and vicious
In the end each reap what is sown
Eternal reward for unending sorrow
Weave or cut
The threads of life

  • 1 Threads of Life
  • 2 Suffer Not One
  • 3 Only the Martyrs
  • 4 Down to the Last
  • 5 Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
  • 6 Alleviate
  • 7 Lift the Curse
  • 8 Lilith
  • 9 Born in Blood
  • 10 War Pigs