Who Sang Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death? Freya

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
length: 2:52

Despair upon despair
Drives me to realize
My heart's desires
Cannot be mine
Frustration upon frustration
Leads to the conclusion
Administer the justice
That they are due
With clarity the wicked
Are now revealed
Strike down the unredeemable
Their fates are sealed
All father guide my hand
Make my aim true
It's through the eyes of the angel of death
That I see through
The powers of forever
The straw house burns
Their legalese abetted
These parasites
Uncage the predators
To violate again
Their reign of terror
Brought to it's end

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  • 3 Only the Martyrs
  • 4 Down to the Last
  • 5 Through the Eyes of the Angel of Death
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  • 7 Lift the Curse
  • 8 Lilith
  • 9 Born in Blood
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