How Hard Is It Lyrics - Fugees

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Release information
Release Date: 1994-2-1
length: 3:53
producer: Khalis Bayyan, Pras Michel and Wyclef Jean
mixer: Ivan “Doc” Rodriguez
engineer: Ron London and Paul Higgins
arranger: Pras Michel, Wyclef Jean and Khalis Bayyan
additional: Levi
additional programming: Ivan “Doc” Rodriguez
assistant mixer: Ron London
assistant engineer: Alvin Lewis
writer: Khalis Bayyan, Pras Michel, Wyclef Jean
Wait a second, draw back, ban this here I come
Stick this business, stock me up, they took me coat with a stun gun
On a Sunday, a bloody Sunday, so what's the resume?
Heads got felt in the force I heard a Milky Way
I caught a heart attack when I heard my cousin ?
In Avenue D. in Brooklyn New York City
Ever since I used my man I moved to Jersey
But realistically, God, could of called me early
'Cause I got a big bop I'm wanted by the block
I take a ruff-neck chicken make stop in stone top
'Cause I roll with the army of sixty-eight
The Privates' don't make the orders it's the General that makes the wig-wack
Buy her back, buy a cat, I got scratched in a day to kidnap
And at night I was back and the Jeep got attacked by a gang that sold crack
But the posse was strapped it was nothin' but crap!!
I got cuffed in the back, in the jail there were rats
So I pulled out my mack to get out of this crap
Though I wish I could zap outta here but I quack like a dog
That pass gats so I put the gas mask on the mic
There were blasts cause I do it it's my task
And all the jumper the guys that I see to me pass the class
Check out the vocab, it'll get out, then get it, do it again
Gift of the guy if you're good you're good, if you're bad you're bad

So how hard is it? (Hard as it can get)
I want to know, how hard do you want to it? (Hard as it can get)

One, two (One, two), three, four (Three, four)
Hardcore (Hardcore), hardcore (Hardcore)
Yo, watch yourself for your health I'll snatch your last breath
Then I left you up for another one bites the dust
You couldn't ride me if you went behind the bush, gush
Leave the style alone, don't try to follow me
'Cause a life of the hood make it a little triggery
So keep your eyes on the prize, don't be surprised
'Cause on my half I may pull out a semi-automatic sixty-eight
Watch around my back it's mainly static
Droppin' emcees like a bad habit
Here come the Pras with a new package

Mad and they ignorance, think they can test the performance of an ancient (Rapper!)
Let me break it down in a dialect (Badder!)
Easier said than what the mono said
'Cause there's more than righter rapper, paid for the rapper be-bop
'Cause he said everybody's rappin', them and they momma
So when I grab the mic I grab it like a gangster
Microphone sniper 'cause it'll be the prowler

Launch it, it's trife, no magic, the realistic maggot
Don't leave the gadget or you'll be gat it
Simple, the riddle, who's the monkey in the middle
What's the goose, um!
So let me cut his neck loose yo
I keep it positive and not so negative
These is when you diss, emcees take it
So send it to they call the battle
I'ma raw I let it rappin' now I'm more
Your ball, you're waitin' for me to fall, but I won't


I gotta jump on the A-Train, I saw cat with a scat he was blowin' like Coltrane
My boys' said give him a call, I gave him a dollar, he said are you a rapper?
Kids have a seat and don't miss a beat and listen to the battle of the saxin' in your emcee

Now Red Rock, call Red Rock, call Red Rock, call Red Rock, call Red Rock call
(It could mean rewind the gun-check me baby)

I rock and shock the dough is show squeeze and cheese and whether pleasin'
(It could mean rewind the gun-check me baby)
I rock and shock the dough is show squeeze and cheese and whether pleasin'
Coolin' breezin' at the teas and how can emcees do was sneeze
(Flower, blow!)

[Chorus: Repeat]

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CD 1
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Nappy Heads
  • 3 Blunted Interlude
  • 4 Recharge
  • 5 Freestyle Interlude
  • 6 Vocab
  • 7 Special News Bulletin Interlude
  • 8 Boof Baf
  • 9 Temple
  • 10 How Hard Is It
  • 11 Harlem Chit Chat Interlude
  • 12 Some Seek Stardom
  • 13 Giggles
  • 14 Da Kid From Haiti Interlude
  • 15 Refugees on the Mic
  • 16 Livin Like There Ain’t No Tomorrow
  • 17 Shout Outs From the Block
  • 18 Nappy Heads (remix)