Who Sang Freak Mode? Funkdoobiest

Release information
Release Date: 1993-5-4
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Jazzy Hip-Hop
length: 3:28
producer: DJ Ralph M

[Verse 1: Son Doobie]

Here is the flava', ya faithful, gave ya, the ill-behavior
The doobie's Fantasia
Rockin' the funk like a wave some, save some
Doobies for later, now do the Mashed-Potato
Slam your partner, headbutt your father, don't bother
You knows I kick the flava', somethin' like they taught up
Stars get lost, and like Lou Rawls, still I kick the Doobie Brothers, now I'm down for a ball
I stomp with my boots when I make my phat loot
??? then I act like the ??? when I got the brass knuckles
And just like your uncle, I drop all ya punks with my big belt buckle, so don't interfere with the Doobies over here
Or you'll find a spear in your rear, we're, all that
So what would you call that
The ill-sing psycho, funk, whatchin' fall and splat!


(Son Doobie): Rock steady to the Freak Mode y'all!
I rock steady to the Freak Mode!

[Verse 2: Tomahawk Funk]

I go from letter, to letter, I proceed to get better
Everything rises as I start to set the
Rhymes are torture, I'm about to sort the
Lines in my head in alphabetical order
See I'll mash the tip-top, suckas just flip-flop
I specialize in hip-hop, if I get too funky
Then tell me when to stop, cause if I get too funky
Brothas can't deal with me, actin' real ill, start yellin' security
Cuttin' like a guillotine, suckas are just fillin' me with anger
Only wear Gucci, I do not wear Wrangler
I'm on the get-go, I'm about to let go, ??? funky
That have me drinkin' Pepto, I don't get drunk G, I get spunky!
When I'm rockin', to the funky ???

[Chorus] (x2)

[DJ Ralph M](x4) : Yes, yes y'all! Yes y'all! Yes y'all!

[Verse 3: Son Doobie]

The rhythm is the slow, for your bro, even though
Some be rockin' that fuck ill flow, drop Dooballistic
Hear the acoustic, music, like the kung-fu click
I bust down your wall like a Steven Seagal
Has the Doobie ever fell off, I don't recall
I kicks the flavor like ???, straight to ???
Ya best to break two cause, I'm talkin' to you guys
Sing like David Ruffin, like Sandy Duncan, I'll eat the crackers, but pass up the, pumpkin pie, and the milk
I can't fuck with silk, my name's not Luther, I don't sing still
While I sing the yankee doodle, you know I gets brutal
And stab somebody's hand's while I eat my chicken noodle
Cause I

[Chorus] (x2)

[DJ Ralph M] (x4)

CD 1
  • 1 The Funkiest
  • 2 Bow Wow Wow
  • 3 Freak Mode
  • 4 I'm Shittin' on 'em
  • 5 Who's the Doobiest
  • 6 Doobie to the Head
  • 7 Where's It At
  • 8 Wopbabalubop
  • 9 The Porno King
  • 10 'Uh C'mon Yeah!
  • 11 Here I Am
  • 12 Funk's on Me