Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Pressure Down Lyrics

release date: 2000
genres: Rock
styles: Pop Rock
length: 4:16
When the headlights come too close
just jump off the road
and hide behind the bushes
you`re trying to take a break
while carrying your load,
and don`t get up again

I think its time to bring the pressure down
get out of the water before you start to drown

your expectations are to high
you can`t catch up to yourself
and end up with a sigh
and inbetween the mess
you`re trying to change your dress
but the mess remains the same

I think it`s time........

your brain is far too filled
with memories you can`t get killed

break up with the narrowminded
find something new and not rewinded
wait for something unattended
openhearted undefended

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Are You Real
  • 2 Do You Feel
  • 3 All the Young Dudes
  • 4 She's a Star
  • 5 3000 Kisses
  • 6 Sixpack Full of Happiness
  • 7 Enemy Mine
  • 8 Calling Cuba
  • 9 Moon for Sale
  • 10 Pressure Down
  • 11 Born to Slide Away
  • 12 Hold On
  • 13 As Quiet