Who Sang These Things Happen? G-Eazy

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Release Date: 2014-4-29
Genre: Hip Hop Pop
Style: Pop Rap/Electro
length: 2:25
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Let's go

Party in the penthouse, atop, passed the **** out
Reminiscing being broke and hoping I would luck out
Nowadays I pull hoes, Swinging, never struck out
Reinvested everything, just trying to get a buck out
Will I ever make it? Felt fear on my life
For a while I was going through a nervous patch
Then I had the most insane year of my life
Crazy, cause I only saw the surface scratched
Yeah, waking up next to a random girl I never knew
Goin' after Marilyn's instead of Sue's
Tryna bring her backstage then see what she let me do
Till security was like, "wait up, who the **** are you?"
Sent back to being almost done
Opening up to shows I'm trying to get noticed on
Labels calling the telephone that I wrote this on
But I press decline, hit notes, and keep on going on
Take a look at us, it's what you call a team
Freight train, I'm leading everybody, full of steam
Drinking simultaneously, rolling collard greens
Maybe I was higher than a ***** and this was all a dream
Still killing shows with Blizzy
'Member being in this Jeep riding through the city
Played them Endless Summer said get used to staying busy
'Cause you'll never get a fallback, let's go and get a milli
Brought 'em on tour just to live it
Poppin' after parties with some girls who wanna to give it
All my close homies keep me grindin' like a pivot
Talkin' about a way to get it, we already did it!
Switchin' lanes when that Porsche shifts
Homies movin' weight just like a forklift
When my album drops, Jedis can feel the force shift
Meanwhile, you lyin-*** rappers droppin' horse-****
Only pay attention if you pay me
Chilling with a Sarah and a Vicky and a Jamie
Just a young man living life, could you blame me?
Overcast is snowy but the ***** bar is rainy
Dreaming of a million wifes asleep on satin
Homies always telling me to just keep on rapping
I'mma blow the **** up while you sleep on napping
**** you want me to say?
These things happen

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    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin