Who Sang Northern Lights? Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm Cabbage cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-8-3
length: 3:48
Let's go out just one more time, to that old place on the shore
Down the lanes of this harbor town, like so many times before
There's so much you've done for me, so much, I've asked of you
But when I'm gone there's one more thing, please promise me you'll do

Everyday sing a song
To help me sail along
Too ra loo ra loo ra loo ra le
And I'll be on my way

If you miss me when I'm gone, just walk down by the sea
Sing with a whisper of the waves, and there remember me
What a lucky man you made of me, always at my side
Where I am, I'll wait for you as faithful as the tide


Rocks keep rolling, hills keeps rising
Water flows, no compromising
Trees are swaying, leaves are turning
Earth is spinning, sun is burning
Clouds are forming, wind is blowing
Now it's raining, now it's snowing
Flowers are blooming, birds are flying
Some are laughing, some are crying

Remember there was dancing on that night so long ago
We sang and raised our glasses to the starlight on the snow
Well if you should see those northern lights on a frosty winters eve
Watch them dance and know I'm there, there's no need to grieve

(Chorus x 2)

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