Who Sang Mercy? Gaia Consort

Release information
Release Date: 2007-6
length: 3:14
Well the summer held such sweetness, you could taste it in the air
Then October came and autumn bore her child
Now the Mystic Knights and circus frights
Have locked up everywhere
And the twilight hasn't answered for awhile
Mercy now, mercy now
When the twilight isn't answering and the silence presses down
I give myself to mercy where she's found
Mercy now, mercy now
Well it's ever close to mercy where I'm bound
In the long nights of the winter, when the I fear I'm too alone
I am underneath her mercy
She comes riding me like mercy
Riding me like mercy
And I'm

Snohomish, 1/10/2007

CD 1
  • 1 Twilight Calling
  • 2 Only Now
  • 3 Dirty Little Secret
  • 4 Oracle
  • 5 All We've Got
  • 6 Heather in the Mead
  • 7 Face In The Clouds
  • 8 Turtles... all the way down!
  • 9 Vitus Dance
  • 10 Perils of Poly
  • 11 Goodnight
  • 12 The Green
  • 13 Mercy