Who Sang ...And I'm Out? Galactic with Mr. Lif

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Release information
Release Date: 2007-8-8
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Jazz Rock Funk / Soul
Style: Blues Rock/Rhythm & Blues/Bayou Funk/Hip Hop/Conscious
length: 3:30


Got my bags packed, man
I can't be sticking around here no more
Naw son, I gotta keep it moving
I'm outta here

[Verse 1]

Walking down the street, I met this young cat
He asked me for one rap
I told him I could do that
He knew that
I had the skill to build and paint a picture or a portrait
So I thought it
Manifested a mural, he said I'm thorough
He pulled around, people were attracted to the scene
So they stepped in to talk about their visions and dreams
It's not often enough you see a group of black men outside chilling
Refining their ideas and building
The cops saw us from afar
Thought we were a gang threat
Next thing, there's badges and guns
A brother tried to run, made it worse
Said this shit just like he'd rehearsed

"Next one of ya'll to move is gonna win a free Hearst"

I'm in shock now, couldn't watch my people get locked down
Said some smart shit, "Oh you really wanna start shit?"
Face down on the concrete my physique
Anger's at a pique, had to lay like I was asleep
Got frisked head to toe
They're looking for the dro
Had some money on me and they robbed me for my dough
At this point I'm willin'
I couldn't stay silent
They hit me with the gun like I'm the one who was violent
Taught me why this type of day is coming for the young black male
Guess who spent the night in jail?


Son, I'm never knowing where these days'll take me
I'm nervous, my life has been crazy lately
Livin' in fear ain't livin' at all
So I got my bags packed and I'm out y'all

Girl, I'm never knowing where these days'll take me
I'm nervous, my life has been crazy lately
Livin' in fear ain't livin' at all
So I got my bags packed and I'm out y'all

[Verse 2]

It's time to hit the road I'm 'bout to go on tour
I got a taxi coming at four, I'm standing at my door
Impatient, sick of waiting
Hating the situation
I'm sweating, pacing
Wanting to knock the driver's face in
He arrived thus and avoided my wrath
Throw the bags in the trunk fast, lean on the gas
Let's jet, best bet, take the highway
Damn, now there's a traffic jam ruining my day
Hit the exit, time to dip through the slums
Where the blood runs thick and there's evidence society's sick
Slick how they freed us just to keep us lower than low
There's some places where the cops won't go
And the buildings were boarded up in bombed out shells
How on earth?
The church's offering a rebirth
For what it's worth
We're chilling at a stoplight
Broad daylight
I guess these brothers do whatever they like
Cause they stepped to the driver hard, making demands
See a taxi carries cash that means there's money in hand
And the green means eating meat and greens with your fam'
Try to stall and talk it out you know those pistols'll *blam*
The driver panicked
Jittering and acting frantic
I told him "Play it cool or they'll remove you from the planet"
I shouldn't have spoke
He turned around and they fired a round
Point blank, the cat is done, man down


CD 1
  • 1 What You Need
  • 2 ...And I'm Out
  • 3 The Corner
  • 4 Second and Dryades
  • 5 Think Back
  • 6 Bounce Baby
  • 7 Hustle Up
  • 8 Sidewalk Stepper
  • 9 From the Corner to the Block
  • 10 Squarebiz
  • 11 Tuff Love
  • 12 No Way
  • 13 Fanfare
  • 14 Find My Home
  • 15 Two Dots
  • 16 The Player

  • Release information
    label: Traffic Inc.
    country(area): Japan
    format: CD
    barcode: 4571260580145
    script: Latin