Who Sang Everything I Do Is Wrong? Gameface

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Emo/Melodic Hardcore
length: 2:24
There's no reason why i should feel so spent
but i just get so bent everytime i try to understand why this is so complicated it wasn't my idea you know everything i say is true everything i do is wrong to you everythin i know makes sense with exception of this circumstance you know i like to take my time ride my bike with closed eyes grow my hair long sing a stupid song alright its good to be alive would you say the same don't look at me like i'm insane everything i say is true everything i do is wrong to you everything is in control i want to lick the bowl get sick and spend the day at the beach i'm diving under there's going to be a bigger wave everything i say everything i do keeps me away from you but everything is alright i can almost promise you

CD 1
  • 1 The Pirate Song
  • 2 Sweet Wreck
  • 3 My Star
  • 4 What I Learned in School
  • 5 Shock Tester
  • 6 Mean
  • 7 The Easy Way
  • 8 If You Want My Advice
  • 9 Last of the Good Guys
  • 10 Boy Wonder
  • 11 Hey Radio
  • 12 Everything I Do Is Wrong
  • 13 The Difference Between Flying and Falling
  • 14 Mercury Dimes