Who Sang Shock Tester? Gameface

Release information
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Rock
Style: Emo/Melodic Hardcore
length: 3:29
I think i better go i'm out of time
i could use some change right now of any kind
it's getting cold in here and it's not just me
it's just that no one, is nice to me so i'm getting mean forget it

i'm giving up go to sleep i didn't mean it that way i can't stand it it's so romantic except for the spray paint and all the broken bottles in this place with my suitcase and my best friends fading dreams of the fourth of july
and i wish that time flew by
crashing down fireworks getting what we deserve
and if you see me cross the insides of your eyes tonight you don't have to let me know that you know

its not such a small world after all
together alone another time zone

CD 1
  • 1 The Pirate Song
  • 2 Sweet Wreck
  • 3 My Star
  • 4 What I Learned in School
  • 5 Shock Tester
  • 6 Mean
  • 7 The Easy Way
  • 8 If You Want My Advice
  • 9 Last of the Good Guys
  • 10 Boy Wonder
  • 11 Hey Radio
  • 12 Everything I Do Is Wrong
  • 13 The Difference Between Flying and Falling
  • 14 Mercury Dimes