Bring It Back Here Lyrics - Gang Starr

Gang Starr One of the Best Yet cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-11-1
length: 0:51
producer: DJ Premier
mixer: DJ Premier
engineer: Eddie Sancho and Parks
recording engineer: The King of Chill
Raps will be actin' ill
And that's exactly how I feel, shoutout to Guru

Don't base my whole life on loot, but money sure helps
I keep it tight like army boots to ensure wealth
I meet suckers every day that rhyme, they say they rhyme
Most of them corny as hell, they won't get paid a dime
A lot of these punks, they all sound the same
They all sound lame, fakin' like they down with the game
Against me, they fail
I'm like the black Frankie Ale
I leave 'em slumped, and their bodies dumped over the rail
Show me respect, then cut me a fat check
You little *****s are like virgins, you haven't had *** yet
Wet behind the years while I've been spittin' darts for years
Don't make me embarrass you in front of your so-called peers
The fools gassed you in the first place, dirt face
**********, thought you had wins, got stuck in the worst place
And that's when I attack your fears
'Cause I'm a real racketeer, get my money and bring it back here

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